A blue t-shirt and red shorts.


Yesterday Gabe was wearing a blue t-shirt, red shorts, and flip flops (plus his blue sunglasses).

We were at another rocky beach that day, this time to meet some friends for brunch. Unfortunately, the host dropped the main dish on the sidewalk on the way to the park, so we ended up with two loaves of bread, some cheese, and some nutella – which ended up being just enough anyways. There was hot coffee and iced coffee too, though they ended up being the same temperature after an hour at the beach.

I should be doing some work today, but I’m having trouble writing anything that isn’t just terrible so far. My new plan is to clean the house and maybe take a walk since it’s sunny and the air is so crispy and fall-y. I started also biting my nails again recently, so I’ll probably spend a lot of today NOT doing that too.

The worst part about quitting biting your nails is how long it takes to see any good reason for doing it. I haven’t bitten any nails today and my hands still look terrible, and they are going to still look that way for weeks or at least many days. If I were biting my nails I would have instant satisfaction; my fingers would look terrible but at least I’d be accomplishing something.

It’s helpful to remember what a monster you look like when you’re biting your nails. Have you ever watched someone bite their nails? It’s awful! The first time I ever quit biting my nails was in high school after I watched a kid go to town on his hands for forty minutes during a history lecture. I had long beautiful nails for years after that.

I’m going to start cleaning in the kitchen.


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