A grey sweatshirt and khaki pants [2]


Yesterday Gabe was wearing a grey sweatshirt, khaki pants, and black socks.

These wonky photos were taken right before Gabe sat down to watch the first two games of the Giants postseason series (they lost). There was significantly less spring in his step afterwards. (I still think they can come back!)

I’ve spent all day today thinking about, writing about, and interviewing people about startups. And not biting my nails. Very motivating!

I had vague ideas about running a second half marathon this year and signing up for the Seattle Half which is sometime in late November. I feel like it might be too late to start training now, but it might also be a great goal. Which reminds me, I read THIS today which I thought was really interesting. My dad recently said something similar to that post, which was that if you think the only way you can motivate yourself to accomplish something is to announce it to everyone, you probably didn’t have the motivation to accomplish it to begin with. Which makes sense to me.

I can see how it seems like a good idea to tell people when you’re setting a goal, so then you kind of have to do it or everyone will know you didn’t and that’s embarrassing. I think it’s not a bad thing to talk about your goals with people as you’re working on them, but other people’s input or feelings about what you’re doing can’t be the driving force behind it.

So maybe in 2 months we’ll see a photo of what Gabe was wearing at the finish line of the Seattle Half Marathon and maybe we won’t. (But maybe we will.) (We might not, though.)


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