A teal jacket and khaki pants.


Today Gabe is wearing a teal jacket, a maroon sweatshirt, khaki pants, and white socks.

These off-balance, strangely lit photos are actually a fairly accurate barometer of Gabe’s current state today. The weather has turned rainy and windy, and poor Gabe is a little worse for the wear. Sniffles and all, though, Gabe is bundled up and ready to head to Orcas Island tomorrow morning with his parents who are in town this weekend.

I’ll be staying at home to do some work, sadly not able to directly monitor Gabe’s outfits for the next couple of days (and you know his island looks are going to be good). If all goes according to plan, however, I’ll hopefully be able to get some shots of his outfits through the power of the Internet.

Having Gabe’s parents in town always makes me a little homesick, so I’ve been looking up plane fares for a potential trip home in the next few weeks or months. My hometown is in the middle of Illinois, and I’d like to get there before the frost settles over everything. Fall is maybe my favorite time to go home, and I really hope I can make it there soon.



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