Puddle hopping.


Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, grey sweatshirt, khaki pants, black socks, and black shoes.

Also pictured is his faithful 1991 Volvo 240, whose mileage may or may not exceed 300,000.

It’s alternating between sunshine and rain in Seattle, but I just got my duck boots in the mail so I’m crossing my fingers for rain again soon. These boots are ridiculously water-proof and sturdy; I can’t wait to test them out in the Pacific Northwest elements.

This morning I did a little personal assisting, and addressed some wedding invitations for a client of mine. It was actually a lot of fun, plus also very satisfying to receive compliments on my excellent penmanship. When I got back, Gabe and I went out to lunch and on the way home got caught in a big downpour. (Sadly I didn’t have my boots on yet.) (They have Gortex in them.)

Now Gabe is at work, and I have the afternoon all to myself. And my boots.


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