Punkin funkin.


Yesterday Gabe was wearing a green jacket, grey sweatshirt, khakis, and brown shoes.

It’s his pumpkin-carving outfit, of course! We both had the day off, so we went on an hours-long grocery shopping spree and then circled back to get pumpkins to bring home for carving. I haven’t carved a pumpkin probably since 2007, and was really looking forward to it. Gabe said it had been equally long since he carved a pumpkin, but he had high hopes for his design skills.

It didn’t start out so great when Gabe snapped one of our tiny pumpkin-carving knives in half almost immediately, trying to cut the lid off of his. It didn’t stop us for long, though, and soon we were happily scooping seeds into a big silver bowl and listening to very spooky music.

In the end, I’m pretty pleased with both of our creations. Can you guess whose is whose?



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