Pajama party.


Today Gabe is wearing black shoes, khakis, a grey sweatshirt, and a green jacket.

Today I made the classic work-at-home mistake of not getting out of my pajamas. I stayed in my pajamas because I was planning to go on a run – which I did, eventually – but not until I had spent the bulk of my daytime in the same clothes I slept in.

Sometimes not getting dressed doesn’t really matter. If you wake up in the mood to work and get right to it (no time to get dressed! I’m inspired!) then it’s just fine. But it sets a bad precedent for the day when you’re too lazy to even put on real pants – how are you going to summon the energy to write about weird technology news like the fact cassette tapes are now being used to store massive amounts of data? Answer: you’re not going to summon that energy.

Eventually, though, all the work got done and I even managed to accomplish some reading, some chores, and some grocery shopping. Mostly after 3pm.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day of very early morning work, then some brunch, then some fun times with Gabe who has a rare weekend day off work. What does a guy with a free Saturday choose to wear on his big day? We’ll have to wait here and find out…



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