Little giants.


Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, grey sweatshirt, black shirt, black pants, and black shoes.

Is Gabe wearing so much black because it’s almost Halloween and he’s feeling very spooky? No. It’s just his work uniform. But his work uniform IS very spooky.

These out-of-focus photos were taken this morning as Gabe rushed out the door to go to work. Why rushing? Probably because he was running late for work because we woke up late because we were up until 2am watching the Giants win the World Series! (!!!) We spent basically the entire weekend moving from bar to bar so we could watch the games, but last night Gabe had to work so we couldn’t watch the game until it was streaming on the internet. Which meant it didn’t start until 10:30.

As someone whose preferred bedtime is in the 9 o’clock neighborhood, starting the game so late was a bit daunting but as it turned out, completely worth it. Lots of cheering, lots of high fives.

Today things are back to normal: lots of writing, lots of weird technology.

And in sad news, my pumpkin is melting on the porch. [Very spooky!]  Gabe’s seems to be doing fine.


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