No stickers.


Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a maroon sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This election day, Gabe is standing in the fall foliage (very American). He has the day off, so we went and got burgers for lunch, but I unfortunately I had (and continue to have) a long, slow-moving-but-urgent assignment to complete by tonight so I’ve had to spend all day at the computer instead of hanging out.

In a way it’s nice to be so occupied with an assignment while I wait for election results to be available, but on the other hand, waiting is still terrible.

Washington has mail-in ballots so I didn’t get to go to my polling place today (which I love) or get an “I Voted” sticker. It almost doesn’t feel like election day except for how tense my insides have been all day. Is it 8pm yet?

PS If you’re on the west coast, there are only a couple of more hours left to vote if you haven’t already. Also – shout out to my mom who’s volunteering at her local polling place today!


One comment

  1. marsha4852

    Ooh, Gabe is wearing a maroon sweatshirt, amazing!! And here I thought all he changed were his shoes and maybe zipped up his outer green jacket if it was too cold.

    Interesting category, I would never have thought of something like that.

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