Library books.


Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a grey shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

It’s been super sunny but also very cold and windy the last few days, so don’t let these shiny beach pictures fool you. It’s winter, for reals.

This week has been nuts and I’m exhausted, but I just got an email form the library saying that my copy of East of Eden, my very favorite book, just came in so I’m going to run up there before they close in 30 minutes and get it to read on the bus tomorrow morning. I’ve read this 600-page book maybe five or six times and I love it more every time I do.

I used to have my own copy, but loaned it to a roommate who lost it a week later.

The same thing happened to another of my favorite books – The End of the Road – which I loaned to a friend in college who then dropped out of school and took the book with him back to New England. Humph.

By the time I realized I’d never gotten that book back, I found out that it had gone out of print and I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see it again. But then, this blog’s hero – Gabe himself – found me a very, very old copy on Ebay which he gave me for my 23rd birthday and which I still have to this day.

What a guy.



  1. Mr. Peoria

    The photo of Gabe looking down is beautifully composed — with the very black shadow and his quizzical pose bringing attention down to the lower part of the picture. There is even a mysterious white spot on the sidewalk for him to be looking at. The very dark blue waves at the shoreline give way to the lighter blues of the farther sea and sky.. The title of the photo — if I may– should be: Man Strolling at the Beach Discovers an Extraordinary Thing.

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