Holiday on.


Yesterday (Thanksgiving!) Gabe was wearing a teal jacket, a maroon sweatshirt, khaki pants, and his indoor slippers.

Ever committed to documenting his fashion, Gabe made an exception to a cardinal rule yesterday: never wear your indoor slippers outdoors. In the midst of cooking, peeling, basting, and generally tending to a turkey, Gabe was nice enough to run outside for a brief photo shoot so I’d be sure to have a Thanksgiving outfit shot for the blog.

He ran outside so fast, though, that he forgot to swap his indoor slippers for his outdoor ones. Yikes!

Luckily his indoor slippers seem to be fine. This time.

Besides this egregious slipper error, though, Thanksgiving this year was really a great success. Four friends came over and we enjoyed lots of food, delicious pie and ice cream, and even took a stroll down to the beach so one out-of-town visitor from Kansas could put his feet in the Puget Sound.

Now Gabe is working on carving up the remains of the turkey to make some stock, and I’m making the most of my second day off from writing. All in all, not too bad. 🙂



  1. Author Charmaine Gordon

    Nifty Thanksgiving out there. By contrast, daughter burned tips of her fingers taking hot stuff from oven–in haste. Ice water didn’t help much. Yikes! So I went to CVS and bought burn ointment while she ate–one hand in a bowl of ice water. Gorgeous setting rushed so precious granddaughter would be ready to go to her Dad’s. Ah well.

  2. COSA

    Hey Kate! Thanks for checking out our activity over at COSA. Gabe looks phenomenal (as seems to be the norm), and if it wasn’t so eternally sweltering in Thailand, I’d be searching for a copy of that teal windbreaker right about now. Happy holidays!

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