Fur lined.

gabe and romeo   gabe and romeo 2

In today’s vintage Gabe post, he is wearing a brown sweatshirt and khaki pants. (Shoes not pictured.)

He’s also wearing fur. In that he is almost certainly being coated in the luscious white fur of the beast in his arms, also known as Romeo the cat.

Romeo is a sometimes-indoor, sometimes-outdoor charmer who lives with Gabe’s parents in California. He roams the wild California frontier, only coming back when in desperate need of cuddles. Gabe, when he’s at home, is sometimes-happy to oblige.

One of Romeo’s greatest pleasures in life – besides basking in the sun and napping on the hoods of warm cars – is shedding his silky white fur wherever he goes. And that includes onto Gabe’s normally pristine wardrobe…but I don’t think he minds.



  1. dcphotoartist

    That is one big kitty. I have two of my own, one white, one solid gray. They’re both shed-monsters, to the point that I was ordered by my dry cleaner to start lint-rollering my clothes before I bring them in or he’ll charge me double. I think both of mine together are still smaller than Romeo, though.

  2. Wendy

    Hi Kate!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit our happy little homestead at Stand Upon Grace!!!! I absolutely LOVE Romeo the cat! I am quite sure that his cuddly loving makes up for the fur coat that you most definitely walk away with, lol!! With lots of critters on our homestead, we are always battling the fur coat look, but at least it’s winter now, & fur is in 🙂
    Smiles~ Wendy

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