Beach baby.

beach baby 1   beach baby 2

In today’s vintage Gabe look, he is wearing red shorts, a blue sweatshirt, brown flip flops, and blue sunglasses.

Gabe loves the beach; in the photo on the right, Gabe is pictured playing a favorite beach game – the one where you hit rocks into the water with a stick. It doesn’t really sound like a game all written out…but it appears to be is fun.

Inventing beach games then recruiting people to play along with him is maybe Gabe’s number one beach priority. Number two would be watching waves. Number three would be skipping stones.

The last couple of days I’ve been able to take a brief hiatus from writing thanks to getting some projects done in advance. But while it’s been nice to take some time off, I’m looking forward to diving back into new projects soon. I’ve been really lucky to be working on a few projects I’m really excited about recently, that hopefully I’ll be able to share with you all here soon. 🙂


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