Bounce back.

gabe 12   gabe13

Today Gabe is wearing a teal jacket, khaki pants, brown shoes, a grey sweatshirt, a green fleece, and blue sunglasses.

We are back in the present (how’d you all like the vintage Gabe flashbacks?), and Gabe is bundled up because it is now winter here in Seattle. Luckily, he found two toys in the pockets of his teal jacket, so he’s a happy camper. Having a racquetball or tennis ball handy is essential for Gabe who loves to be able to start playing a game at a moment’s notice no matter where he is. Today he has both.

I’m not a big game-player, but it can be nice to have a good ball around when the right mood strikes. Like at a wedding, when the dance floor clears and you want to play a game where you bounce a ball around an ever-widening circle of people, expanding every time a complete circuit of catches is made.

Just for example.


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