Boxing day.

IMG_0307   IMG_0308

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and his outdoor slippers.

What’s he got there? It’s a buoy he found by the beach! Pretty good find, although ultimately it was a little bit baffling as to how to correctly make it into a toy to play a beach game with.

First thing this morning, my eyes popped open and I realized I had to get my Christmas presents for my parents in the mail – today. Sure, it probably could have waited until Monday, but putting things off is not my style so I leapt into action trying to chart the most efficient way to get wrapping paper, wrap the presents, pack them into a box, and get them mailed as early as possible from our tiny neighborhood post office.

I was out the door at 7:50 and by 9am I was smugly printing off postage from the self-service machine at the post office, while the line to ship packages at the counter snaked out the front door.

After being so efficient, I hardly knew what do with myself. I had accomplished (what felt like) so much by 10am that it seemed crazy to still have so many hours left in the day. I got to work editing, editing, editing on the book I’ve been working on and am finally settling down to watch a movie (and sleep in tomorrow!).

I’ve set another holiday-based writing goal that I’m very excited to complete: all edits for the book will be completed by Christmas. I’ve got tons of notes back from my co-author and lots of my own edits I’d like to do, especially on the earliest chapters of the book. Can’t wait to get started on Monday.

In Gabe news: you guys, he just got – in the mail from his dear mother – a NEW PAIR OF OUTDOOR SLIPPERS. Even as we speak he is wearing them outdoors, getting a feel for how they’ll do long term.

This means the photos above may just be the very last time you ever see the original outdoor slippers!

Have any of you got your own pair of outdoor slippers yet? Or are you focused on your last minute Christmas shopping, shipping, and wrapping? Maybe this year, the gift to give is the gift of comfy outdoor shoes. Who in your life could use their very first pair of outdoor slippers?



  1. desertrose7

    You know, at first I thought Gabe was holding a giant feminine hygiene product.

    Anyway…hey, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers award (Blogged about it today.)
    You have a unique approach and Gabe is just fascinating.

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