Pipe down.

22 gabe sammy 1   22 gabe sammy 2

Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a beige fleece, a black t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

And he’s eating a sandwich!

Today I am taking a day off after a long work week. I decided to sleep in and then take myself out to a matinee showing of Les Miserables at 11:20 am. I had planned to see this movie three or so Fridays ago, but then the Friday I had planned to go was the day I woke up with the super flu. Sigh.

Actually, though, the delay helped me exercise my preference for only seeing movies three months after they come out so I can sit in the theater all by myself and eat popcorn. It’s my very favorite thing.

The theater today was not quite as empty as I had hoped for, and I had to deal with a situation I haven’t encountered in years. As the lights went down, three girls came in and sat down right in front of me and talked all the way through the previews – which I knew was a bad sign.

They continued to talk intermittently throughout the movie. Never enough to be like, “Hey, pipe down short stack,” but just enough to take me out of the moment every few minutes.

Now, I am a stickler and I love rules, but I also spend a fair amount of energy trying to stifle my tattletale urges and act like someone who goes with the flow, and this situation forced me to realize that I was not going to be cool about this and it was not a matter of IF I was going to shush these girls but WHEN.

So now all of a sudden I didn’t just have talkers interrupting my movie experience, but I also had to deal with self-reflection and contemplate my need to enforce good behavior in everyone around me at all times. Geez.

I just want to openly weep during “I Dreamed A Dream”. Is that so much to ask?

Anyways, I managed to not tap them on the shoulder and shout, “EXCUSE ME SOME OF US ARE HERE FOR A CATHARTIC EXPERIENCE” and instead loudly shushed them and moved to the other side of the theater. (The benefit of seeing movies three months late – always plenty of other seats.)

And the rest of the movie was lovely.



  1. vitamin hound

    Inspirational! I snapped at a man at the movie theater the other day because he hung his jacket on the back of his seat and then kept reaching behind him for things in his pockets – groping my legs in the process. I don’t *think* he was a creepster, but he was clearly a jerk.

  2. Sandra

    Oh, the number of times I have been in this situation. I hate having my movie ruined by chatterers. Good job for keeping your patience and I am glad it didn’t ruin your night. Good blog….love the Gabe aspedt too.

  3. merrildsmith

    Ugh! I hate it when people talk in movie theaters (or theaters showing plays, for that matter). Usually, my husband and I see strange indie and foreign films, so the theaters are empty and it’s not a problem. 🙂 When we went to see Les Miserables–twice people’s cell phones went off. My daughters and I still enjoyed the movie though–and cried.

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