Slip away.

217 gabe 1   217 gabe 2

Today Gabe is wearing blue sunglasses, a grey sweatshirt, a green fleece, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

You guys, it’s been sunny in Seattle! One of the benefits of working from home is that when the weather’s this nice, you can actually go out and enjoy it. And I have been. And it’s been amazing. I walked out into the sunshine this morning and was suddenly hit with a flood of old feelings of loving my neighborhood and Seattle and just everything.

Last summer, our first summer living by the beach, I was in a good mood almost all the time. I would go on bike rides just for the fun of looking around and feeling the sun on my skin. Everything was beautiful, my neighborhood was so pleasant and bright, and I just felt happy walking around and being there.

And since it got cold, it’s not that I stopped liking my neighborhood. I still liked living here; I just didn’t really feel anything about it. It was grey, and it was fine. You don’t realize immediately when things go from amazing to just fine; it’s when things are great again you realize how much you’d slowly lowered the bar over time.

And before I get too sentimental thinking about what an amazing place I live in, let’s move on.

Actually, no. I’m sticking with it. Do you guys want to see something cute?

gabe and his buddyGabe has a neighborhood friend and it’s a dog. This old dog is blind and deaf, but always friendly and ready to have his head scratched, which Gabe is more than happy to do. Whenever we walk by and the old guy is outside, Gabe has to stop and say hello.

If it were up to Gabe, we would have a little canine friend of our own (correction: big canine friend), but unfortunately we rent and there are no pets allowed. I’ve never had a dog, so I don’t think I long for one in the same way he does, but whenever we stop by our neighborhood dog friend’s house, I can certainly see the appeal.

I like the idea of having a dog, though, and look forward to actually having one someday. I imagine Gabe and I will be different kinds of dog parents. I’ll be trying to slip my furry friend into a cable knit sweater like the one pictured here, while Gabe is trying to get the dog to chase him around the back yard while it’s raining and muddy.

Different strokes.

I’m going to close this post with a song I re-discovered this week after not listening to it for maybe a year or so. See you back here next time, where I’ll answer the question posed by Ben in the comments for the last post: how DID Kate Stull become a freelance writer?


First Aid Kit “Emmylou” from Maximilla Lukacs on Vimeo.


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