Exciting: I made this.

gabe says join recruiting hacks!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll probably know I’ve been part of a project for the last several months that required a lot of reading, researching, interviewing, writing, re-writing, deleting, writing again, and which eventually grew into one of the biggest things I’ve worked on maybe ever.

Well, Gabe (wearing a teal jacket, maroon sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes, of course) looks so excited today because today is the day we get to finally talk about this project on the blog!

check out recruiting hacks!

Recruiting Hacks is a resource for CEO’s, CTO’s, startup founders, hiring managers, technical recruiters, lead developers, HR reps, and anyone else who needs to recruit and hire an amazing team. It’s a 20-chapter book-turned-website that helps you streamline your process and bring in the best candidates possible, and has tons of extras like email templates, job descriptions, interview questions, and other goodies to make hiring top talent easier.

My co-author Kate Matsudaira and I worked so hard on it and I’m really proud of what we made.

I’d love for you to check it out.

(PS. We’re on Twitter too, @recruitinghacks, if you want to follow along with our progress. :))



  1. Melissa Dalton-Bradford

    I’ll keep an eye riveted, Kate. Thanks, also, for stopping my by blog. Keep coming, as the book release in June, and I’ll happily give some free digitals to loyal followers! Warmth to you and best of luck as you push ahead. Don’t stop!—M

  2. cjmoss

    Congratulations on finally getting to share your new endeavor with the world!
    Love Gabe’s extensive wardrobe choices! 🙂

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