Mountain superstar.

why so serious   gabe smiling

Today Gabe is wearing a maroon sweatshirt, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This week has already felt a million years long. It’s hard to explain why.

Last night I had a dream about skiing, but I’ve never been skiing in real life. The dream felt a little bit like what dreams seem like in books and movies. Not only was it vivid to look at, but I also could feel things like the cold on my face as we sped down the mountain. I remember feeling so excited and laughing out loud.

Usually, it seems like dreams are scary or boring or confusing, and they feel really far away once you wake up, but this one felt like very real life.

And it made me really want to go skiing.

Have you had any weird dreams this week?



  1. maeveswiftly

    I had a dream few weeks ago Leslie Knope from parks and rec was mentoring me and suggested she buy me some new “business lady outfits.” Well if Leslie Knope says so I guess I better!

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