Fog lifted.

gabe over shoulder 317   gabe talking 317

Today Gabe is wearing blue sunglasses, a maroon sweatshirt, a green jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

As evidenced by these photos, we had a little bit of trouble focusing today. It’s a good representation of my whole last week, actually, where I was in a constant state of not looking at the camera and talking during a photo (figuratively, of course).

I felt like I was drifting along all week. I was always surprised when I found out what time it was, and I had trouble figuring out what I should have been doing at any given point. And while I always managed to figure it out and get things done, it was strange not to have it locked down the way I usually do.

Luckily, the fog has lifted and things are moving along more smoothly. I hope.

Today Gabe and our friend Shae and I (what up Shae’s Chicago friends!) went for a walk around Green Lake with a very cute dog named Charlie. Gabe got Charlie to jump in the lake and splash around, and it made me wish very much that I had a dog to play with. Although I’m not sure how well I’ll handle having a pet who wants to hang out with me all.the.time. I think it could be pretty fun.

I grew up with cats (and, for a period, a couple mice) which always seemed ideal to me because cats want to be around you sometimes, and when they do, it’s really cute, and when they don’t, it’s great because hey, I love alone time.

A dog, I hear, wants to be your friend every second of the day. I’m worried that as a lover of alone time, my dog might encroach on my precious personal space. But I also feel like having something so cute want to get in on my personal space might actually be kind of fun.

But either way, our current apartment doesn’t allow pets so for now it’s not an issue.

On a different note, I finished the last of our Girl Scout cookies today and just realized that was the last of them for a WHOLE YEAR. Ugh.


Update! Hey guys, my latest post on The Billfold just went up if you want to check it out: Being An Introvert And Asking For What You Want.



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