Happy days.

because you're mine   i walk the line

On the day that I wish were today, Gabe was wearing red shorts and a yellow t-shirt.

Today is not this bright blue day, though. Today is the day I went for an evening walk and ended up sprinting into a parking garage to avoid getting pelted with sheets of hail.

When I walked out the front door at 7:00 – after a day spent working indoors drinking too much coffee – the scene was apocalyptic. My busy beach town was deserted. The sky was an eerie green-grey I haven’t seen since the last time I was in my medium-sized Midwestern hometown during a tornado warning. A plane taking off rumbled too loud above my head, and the air was completely still.

As I made my way around to the beach, I came across a few small groups of people walking around which put me at ease that the world hadn’t actually ended while I was inside blogging about recruiting and watching reruns of Law & Order. I decided this was going to be a weird walk, but a pleasantly weird one. Even as the rain started to sprinkle, I pulled on my hood and eased into a stroll.

Then, out of nowhere, it started to pour. And then it started to *really* pour. Heavy, dense sheets of rain. It was raining so hard, you couldn’t even feel your clothes getting wet.

And that’s when the rain turned to hail.

Even though I was just a few blocks from home, I ran into a covered parking area to wait out the worst of the storm. I stared out from my hiding spot and wondered how long I would be stranded, and how long it could really hail so hard. Once it let up (maybe only 2 minutes later), I ran home to get warm and look at pictures of how nice I was sure it used to be here.

That’s when I saw a barefoot Gabe balance-beaming on a fallen log washed to shore.

And that is where I’ll be spending the rest of the day today, mentally. If you need me, I’ll be tiptoeing around on rocks with my shoes off, trying to keep up with an mustachioed outdoorsman in red shorts, and failing, but having a pretty good time anyways.



  1. Bill Jones, Jr.

    There is something beautiful and odd about that greenish hue that accompanies tornadic skies. I’ve often wondered if it’s because of all the leaves and torn-up grass, but I refuse to look it up. Some things should stay magical mysteries, and science just leeches the fun out of life. Anyway, sorry for the dime-store philosophy. Just glad you were safe. Science has told me any storm that produces hail can produce tornadoes, so glad this is a good memory.

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