Track suit.

king of pop   he's a thriller

Today Gabe is wearing blue sunglasses, a maroon sweatshirt, a green jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

“Boy we sure are reminiscing today, aren’t we?”

“Well. What else are we supposed to do? We’re old guys.”

A group of self-proclaimed old guys sitting in a coffee shop in my little hometown in Illinois were talking about the best place to buy a hot dog in town when they were all dating their wives. It was boring and endearing.

I just flew back to Seattle from my undisclosed hometown location and boy are my arms tired.



  1. MikeW

    Kate, great to catch up on your blog. In a crazy world it is great to read your titles, your lead-ins, and the constancy and comfort of everyone’s favorite khaki, brown shoe wearing, back-east hero who mixes it up a little every now and then.

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