Finger wag.

bench warmer   nah coach it's cool

Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a grey sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

Gabe took a little creative license today and decided to pose on the bench instead of in front of the beach as usual. I have to say – I like it! Several months ago when I started this blog, I thought of Gabe would be turn out to be an unwilling model after the novelty wore off, but he sure seems to have gotten comfortable in his new role, hasn’t he?

I’ve had a draft of this post in my dashboard for days now. It’s been sitting, and I’ve been not writing it.

I’m not sure why?

Nothing to say.

But it’s weird to have writer’s block on a blog where you can talk about anything you want — serious or dumb or snail-related — because, well, what’s stopping you?

It could just be that I’ve been writing a lot for work recently (in fact, I wrote this thing!) and my creativity has just been a little more tapped than usual. I’ve been writing guest posts, and blog posts, and twitters, and emails, and maybe my little fingers just can’t type another word that isn’t a Google search of “how do I turn this computer off”.

What do you do when you’re not feeling creative?



  1. committedgifts

    Walk away. Just put the mouse or pen or brush down and walk away. I get blocked all the time and it seems like the ideas start flowing back when I’m thinking about it the least. Good luck!

  2. freshfoodmamma

    I find if I’m feeling blocked or uncreative it usually means a part of my life is out whack. I find a little reflection on where I’m at seems to help. Oh and sleep. Definitely feel useless when I’m tired and trying to think let alone create is pointless.

  3. hushlincoln

    Lately for me it has been exercise. And I have a feeling it will continue to be that way. With my ADHD I have energy all the time, I just don’t make use it.

  4. Carmen

    I love your writing. I read back a few posts and laughed out loud with each one! You’re witty. As far as creativity goes — I go get inspired! Listen to music, search blogs, go for a walk, anything – just to get out of the workzone, and into the fun zone. Once I’m not trying to create, I create.

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