Bad taste.

oh no thank you   yuck

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt. a green jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

I just finished a conference call with a life coach/teacher/inspirer who is running a three week course on improving your willpower. I signed up for the course as part of my job, and I’m feeling a little bit weird about it. (Which is why I chose pictures of Gabe looking so displeased today.)

I signed up not as a regular needs-to-be-inspired student, but to learn how to run an effective course. I’m trying to learn things like how to keep the content engaging and valuable, and how to market it, and everything else about running something like this for the startup I’m working on. I joined just for research and work purposes, but after I signed up, I had the thought, “Maybe I’ll also learn a little something about old Kate Stull too.”

But the thing is – everything about a course like this makes me roll my eyes. Everything.

I don’t want to be inspired. I don’t want to hear that I sparkle. I especially don’t want to hear about it from a stranger on a 60-person conference call, who is oh-most-definitely reading it off a script. No thanks, lady.

But since it was for work, and it was paid for, and I was going to be super engaged with it anyways to learn how it works, I was also a little bit excited to have the opportunity to think about myself (yay) and my goals and the future. I’m super concerned about where my career is going and how I’m spending my time and what exactly my goals are. Like all the time.

So I’m there on this conference call, taking notes and being highly skeptical, and then I find myself getting sucked into these visualizations of future self who has accomplished all these things and she’s telling me how she did it, and feeling like…super inspired. In spite of myself.

And the whole time it feels so dumb. But even so. Ugh.

Anyways, I’ll keep everyone posted on how inspired/uninspired I’m feeling as the process continues. It’s going to be a weird three weeks.



  1. Elephant

    I do like Gabe’s perfect fashion sense! Perhaps all the people who post pictures of “today’s outfit” will be jealous!
    PS Life is dumb – motivation is embarrassing – but what the heck if people can get excited every weekend over sports on TV and everything else that repeats in life – you might just get a smile out of the classes – I hope so.

  2. researchingsandiego

    Eh – it does sound like the format is kind of awful, but I feel like anything that makes you think about who you are, what you are doing and where you are going can’t be completely a waste… Smile, good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Looking forward to seeing how this all goes!

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