She bangs.

whats he building in there   what the hell is he building in there

Today Gabe is wearing blue sunglasses, a maroon sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This week the very most exciting news in my world is that I got bangs. Bangs, you guys!

One of my best friends is dating a hair stylist and let me tell you it’s the best. He gives me Capital-G-Great haircuts, and as someone who once cut off all of her long hair into a pixie cut in her sophomore dorm bathroom, it is a treat to now have this resource for amazing haircuts.

I play a little fast and loose with my hair. I haven’t gotten it cut professionally for years (since the sophomore dorm bathroom incident, actually) and I’ve had it long, short, red, blonde, and everything always seems to turn out fine.

But now, there’s this man who actually knows what he’s doing *and* is a friend *and* doesn’t charge $700 for an amazing haircut? Oh boy. I am home.

So now I have bangs, and I guess that’s the most exciting event of my week. (That’s probably not true, but that’s what I’m blogging about because, well, because.)

But now in more important topics, this blog post would not be complete without a BIG UPS to my girl Stacey aka my mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for the life, and for always helping me correct my many blog typos, and for laughing at (most of) my jokes, and for picking me up when I was sick at school, and for playing hooky with me that one day in preschool, and for helping me with all the mom things you have helped me with over the years.

I did a long-distance Mother’s Day gift coordination this year with my dad (big ups to my man Karl), and I hope you like it. It’s not much, but I think you will *greatly* enjoy the results.

And a Happy Mother’s Day to Gabe’s mom Judi too. I’ll be reminding Gabe to call you tomorrow, though I am sure he will remember to on his own. 🙂

So in conclusion, yay bangs, yay moms.

It’s obviously time for me to go to bed.

PS. It’s especially clear to me that it’s time to go to bed, because in proofreading this I realized I did not even address what Gabe is doing in this post’s unusual photos. Well, the answer is some pretty cool Andy Goldsworthy-inspired nature/balance art. By the end of the photo shoot, Gabe had four rocks balanced on a horizontal stick, balanced on a vertical stick, stuck into a log.

But more on Gabe’s supernatural abilities to make cool structures in a future post.


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