Give it.

ouchie  oh yes ouchie

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, khaki pants, one brown shoe, white socks, and one blue boot.

One blue boot?

You guys, Gabe broke his foot! On a trail run, last weekend. He stepped on a rock and thought he just twisted his ankle but spoiler alert — he broke his gol’dern foot.

No sooner do I smack this poor guy in the face with a baseball than he’s breaking a foot trying to go on a trail run. Is the universe trying to tell Gabe to stop having fun? (If it is, the message isn’t getting through, as Gabe has now taken to laughing loudly while sitting splay-legged on the couch watching baseball, with one foot aloft on a mountain of pillows.)

So it’s been a very unusual week around our house, with Gabe limping around in a blue boot and me trying to remember how to be sensitive to someone with a serious injury. Oh, you can’t walk 6 blocks at lightning speed to this restaurant? Hm, how strange. Oh right, you have a broken foot. Sorry.

Meanwhile, I’m in the middle of working on a writing assignment that I just hate — well, no, I don’t hate it, but I am not inspired and it is like torture drawing every individual word out of my brain, so in that way I guess I do hate it — but which I will oh so soon be done with.

After that, I’m going on a juice fast that I’m very excited about, and on which I will certainly be reporting here. Day 2: hungry. Day 3: hungry. Etc. But seriously, I am really looking forward to it and think it’s going to be a fun, delicious, weird experience.



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