With juice.

a gabe says what   it's me chuckles

Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a brown sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

For anyone anxiously awaiting the results of my juice fast, here you go: I did not so good.

By the end of the first day, my energy got so low that I actually started to feel ill. I got a phone call from a friend in San Francisco who I had been trying to connect with for weeks, and even though the phone was right there in front of me, within reach, blinking with the name of someone I desperately wanted to talk to — I could not muster the energy to even reach for the phone, let alone answer.

I didn’t like it. So I ate some toast.

(After an hour of willing myself to get up off the couch and go to the kitchen.)

So for the next two days, I continued to drink my juices and tried to limit my food intake, but all in all, this juice cleanse was a bust. I ate fish tacos at some point in there. That was not prescribed in the fast.

I’m not sure what happened that first day; it’s possible I got dehydrated and that’s what made me so ill and groggy, but whatever it was — it was no good. And I had things to do!

The last few days have been packed with writing and and an intense craving for sushi. I assume they are unrelated, but then, the creative mind is very unpredictable. I’ve been working hard to get tons of content ready for the site launch of popforms, the startup I am working on. I always feel like I am really close to finishing everything I need to get done, but of course, there is always more to do.

And in fact, there is more to be done right now.

Later today I’m going to be working on a post for the site about leadership wisdom. Do any of you have favorite quotes from Lee Iacocca-types? Ralph Waldo Emersons? Hilary Clintons? Anyone at all who’s got something to say about being the boss.

It’s always good to hear what other people think, because one person’s opinion on great leadership quotes is…well, a little one dimensional. I would love suggestions if you have them.

Otherwise, come back next time to hear what Gabe is packing for France. Khakis? A grey sweatshirt? And whatever happened to his blue sunglasses?? Same bat time, same bat channel, etc.



  1. Fit to Teach

    Haha…I’m so glad you liked my blog because these outfits kill me. You’re a follow for sure. Gabe is a babe!

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