Swing low.

oh it's my feet   i peeped my feet!

Today Gabe is wearing a green jacket, a brown sweatshirt, a white t-shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

It’s France Watch 2013 in our house today. Gabe is fluttering around me, putting things in piles and reminding me that I absolutely must bring my baseball mitt to France and would it be helpful if he put it on top of this stack of important documents so I definitely don’t forget it?

Yes, Gabe. Thank you. I will be packing my baseball glove. (Wouldn’t it be funny if I forgot it?)


Meanwhile, I am still stewing on the idea of occupying myself in a tiny space for 10 straight hours. Movies are good, sleeping is good. Reading is good, until your eyes get too tired. I have a stack of crossword puzzles I’ve been stockpiling for the last few weeks so I can work on those until I get too frustrated by not being able to complete a quadrant and I try to flush them down the airplane toilet.

Oh and I can eat lots of snacks too.

My boss recently sent me a copy of a book called “Excel for Dummies.” It’s research for a course we are writing for the popforms website. She sent it to me because I only recently found out you can use Excel to like, do math, and not just make fancy charts, which apparently is common knowledge but not common enough for me to know.

So maybe I’ll spend 10 hours becoming a Rain-Man-esque Excel spreadsheet genius and I can wow the people of France with my ability to multiply and do functions across unimaginable spans of columns.


Maybe I’ll just watch a movie and try to sleep.



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