Wide awake.

gabe in the shade   pop a lean

Today Gabe is wearing a brown t-shirt, khaki pants, and his outdoor slippers.

Oh man the last few days have been just nuts. And by nuts, I mean terrible. And by terrible, I mean I haven’t been sleeping.

I was getting ready to type out a long explanation of why I think I haven’t been sleeping, and how it makes me feel, and what I’m going to do about it. But then I remembered, hearing about people’s sleep issues is about as interesting as hearing about their dreams. Which is to say, not interesting at all.

It always seems like it’s going to be interesting when you’re the one telling it. And people tell these kinds of stories in a way that makes it sound likes it’s going to be interesting, and it clearly means a lot to them, but sadly it is just not interesting.

We can all relate, but we only tend to care when we are the ones not sleeping. When you’re well-rested, being super tired doesn’t sound that bad. But when you have insomnia, you can’t believe other people are managing to function in the world and that they don’t care how crazy and awful you feel.

But there I go, talking about it when I said I wouldn’t.

Instead, I’ll share this pretty cool stuff that’s been happening.

This website I found just a day or two after my last post (and which my mom also sent to me!): http://stoptellingwomentosmile.tumblr.com/

Pretty great.

Another great website is this one: http://popforms.com

Hey, I helped make that! Visit it. We have a blog. I write lots of it. Yay! Right?

Another interesting thing is that I am leaving for France on Tuesday. Tuesday! Can you believe it?

I really cannot. In fact, I think I’ve spent the last few days in a form of denial; the kind where you talk a lot about your trip in the abstract, and you do things like get your suitcase out of the closet or make a reservation for a train you’ll need to take, but you don’t really think about how in 72 hours you will be in the French countryside with your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s family, eating cheese and considering the landscape from sunup to sundown.

So that’s another thing that’s going on. I suppose I should move my clothes from their neat piles on the floor into my suitcase, and sort out which pairs of shoes I can bring.

To be honest, I think I’ve worried so much about how to occupy myself during the flight, I’ve completely forgotten that at the end of that flight, I’ll be in another, beautiful country. On vacation! Well, working vacation. But in the French countryside, isn’t everything kind of vacation? And I will be there for weeks. That’s w-e-e-k-s.

It’s crazy. I can’t wait. In fact, I’m going to start packing now.

PS. Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest dad. I found this cute picture of us today. (I have to assume my face is that way because I was in the midst of receiving some kind of lecture on the history of the red t-shirt or the historical implications of those arches behind us.) (Just kidding.)




  1. jaypochapin

    Bon Voyage! (That’s what I have to show for 7 years of French in elementary and grade school…) Pop a Dramamine and then order a cocktail shortly after takeoff and you should be able to sleep on the plane!… Oh, and here’s a certain phrase for you in French: “Qu’est-ce Gabe porter?”

  2. bensbitterblog

    I always get that same way about trips. I pretty much go into denial until I get on the vacation and then realize how awesome the vacation is. Have a good vacation. Should be pretty awesome. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Will you be blogging while you are there or going off the grid?

  3. trixpin

    Will Gabe be taking his stunning “outdoor slippers”? Those are too cool 😉
    Have an amazing time – France is totally where I want to be right now *sniff*.

  4. researchingsandiego

    You are going to have a great time! Sounds like you could use some fresh country air and an environment that invites you to relax (the rose helps with that, I assure you). After living in France for four years, one of the few things I lament is not spending enough time in the countryside. If you feel like it, update us every once in a while – it would be great to see it through your eyes!

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