Quel dommage.

up so high   hear me roar

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, khaki shorts, and no shoes.

Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night, not fully awake, and in your haste to get to the bathroom or the kitchen or wherever you thought you were going, bashed full on into a heavy, sharp piece of furniture?

I have. Last night. It was a radiator. And I cried.

Is that the worst way to wake up? Today, I am saying yes. In the fullness of time, probably not the worst. But to me, today — yes, it is the worst.

This is one of my least favorite things about being in unfamiliar places. Just when you think you know where you’re going day-to-day, your sleep self reminds you that you actually have no idea where you are.

So my energy today is…bad. But I hope it turns around. I have a very exciting errand to run in a few minutes, which is to go to the neighborhood post office (open for two hours and fifteen minutes every weekday, and not a moment more) and mail a postcard home to my parents.

The postcard is very ugly, but seeing as there is nowhere to buy anything in this tiny, tiny town, I think it’s pretty lucky that I found it at all. It’s an advertisement in the form of a postcard for some kind of bike race that was hanging in a small office in town. So I took it, and here we are.

Can we take a second to notice how rugged Gabe has gotten in his native land of France?

I’m not sure the photos accurately depict how high up he is (though it does show how barefoot he is. very rugged.) atop the wall that defines the edges of the courtyard we live in. If you climb down that wall — using very slender stone stairs part of the way, then scrabbling down the stone face of the wall the rest of the way — you get to where the sheep are. So naturally, in spite of my fear of heights and fear of being rugged, I have gotten pretty good at climbing this wall.

But I’m still too afraid to stand jauntily on the very very top of the wall like Gabe.

Speaking of the sheep, one of them chased *me* yesterday, which is quite the opposite of how our interactions usually go. At the time, I was a little bit scared and started doing some quick estimates in my head of how easily a sheep could crush me to death if it tried. But then I realized — this sheep is a smart one who now knows I am the one who brings it food.

It wants to be friends. Which means my plan is coming together. Which makes me very pleased.

hello sheep friends



  1. MikeW

    Radiators were named that because of the way the pain radiates when you run into them. And the pinkie toe is involved 59% of the time, according to ‘studies.’ Oh well, back to counting sheep, alluding to sleep, the thing that got you into trouble in the first place, and the thing that obviously eludes me right now.

    • Kate Stull

      Well I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble sleeping, but I’m also not sorry because I greatly enjoyed reading that comment. 🙂 Hope you caught some z’s eventually!

  2. jaypochapin

    Am sorry to learn of your injury, but am pleased to hear of the progress of “your plan…” Exactly how many lamb chops did you say that involved? Or was it just a single “rack?” LOL

  3. allthatcooking

    Running away from a sheep on an aching foot can NOT be easy!
    but then again, you’re there and it’s gorgeous, so hopefully that’s all the hardship for now! 😉
    hope you enjoy the rest of the day. remember: a bad mood’s mission in life is to be changed
    so there

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