Plein air.

want me to look down?   there are you happy?

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, khaki pants, and brown flip flops.

Oh you guys. I made a classic amateur photographer error in today’s photo shoot: I upset the talent.

Normally Gabe is a great model (as long as I’m not trying to take his picture in front of a huge crowd of people on a busy beach). He has a great smile, creative poses, and let’s not forget his fashion — which speaks for itself.

But today, Gabe was trying to look really “cool” for his pictures, which to him meant crossing his arms and scowling at the camera a lot. As the artistic director, I told him I definitely wasn’t going to use any of those pictures because they looked terrible and also made him look like a jerk. (Oops.)

So that’s when the model got fussy and told me that since I only ever like to use pictures of him looking down (which okay, maybe that is true) he would look down for every picture. And so that’s how we ended up with today’s very downward-facing yet (in my opinion) very compelling pictures.

Consider this lesson learned: the model is always right. (Just kidding. Look at how fun today’s photos are!)

Yesterday, we drove down from the tiny, tiny village where I’ve been for the last few weeks, and arrived in the beautiful lakeside city of Annecy, France. It’s super close to the Swiss border *and* the Italian one, so naturally we decided to take a cross-border day trip to Italy to eat some risotto and gelato.

We drove on winding, narrow, cliffside roads (on a rainy day, no less) over the side of which you could see the endless drop to the bottom of the valley. Up into the Alps we climbed until eventually we took the tunnel under Mont Blanc and into Italy, where we partook of much gelato and risotto.

I haven’t been in the mountains in…a very long time, and I’d forgotten how amazing it is to be surrounded by snowy peaks and craggy walls of rock on all sides. You could even call it magical. (I’m not saying I would, but yes I would, and you could too.)

Tomorrow morning I am going to walk down the hill from our little Airbnb apartment here in Annecy, to the nearby patisserie, where I will drink coffee and eat more than one pastry. Then I’m going to come home and sit on the porch, stare out at the lake, and do some much needed work for the rest of the morning.

Oh it will be glorious.



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