Du lac.

oh hey look at this guy!   i like lakes yes i do i like lakes how bout you

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a while t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

You guys! I completely forgot that a few days ago I ate pigeon.

It wasn’t on accident, and I didn’t kill the bird with my own bare hands and decide to go ahead and eat it as long as it was here, either. I ate it in a pigeon pie. From a restaurant. And while I didn’t order it myself, I definitely did try it when someone else at the table did and offered me a bite.

(And in case it’s never been mentioned here before, I am a vegetarian. But maybe once a year I will break if there is something really special and if eating pigeon doesn’t count as special then I don’t know what does.)

And as it turns out, the pigeon was actually kind of delicious. It had so much flavor! It tasted somewhat like chicken, though it’s been so long since I’ve had chicken that this is only my best guess. Either way, it didn’t taste bad at all, as you might think such a gross, weird animal would.

I had no idea this was something French people ate, but apparently it’s a thing and apparently it’s also great.

So that’s one thing that happened. Another is that I spent the 4th of July not barbecuing or blowing things up, but swimming serenely in Lake Annecy in southern France, whose water is the kind of piercing aqua-blue that never translates to photos and therefore makes all your stories about it slightly unbelievable. But believe it.

i lake this like   don't be such a dock block

Even though it had rained the day before, we guessed that the water would be warm enough to swim in and we were determined to jump in it no matter what.

Gabe and I walked down from our rented apartment, and before we could lose our nerve, jumped off the end of the dock and into the shallow, crisp water. I shivered at first, but swam and bounced around until the chilly water felt not-so-chilly, and soon I was tossing a ball around and being delighted by the many tiny French children shrieking and jumping into the water all around us.

Gabe did some dives, and swam to the outer limits of the swimming area. I stayed closer to the dock, but felt very adventurous nonetheless.

It was amazing — and I say this as someone who is generally pretty unnerved by the idea of swimming in a lake, what with all the fish also swimming around there at the same time, who have a tendency to brush up against your legs when you least expect it.

After splashing around for a while, we got out and sunned ourselves on the grassy patch near the water. We talked and took photos until it was finally time to walk back up the hill for dinner.

And today I am back in my home away from home in our tiny village, feeling tired but refreshed and happy to have the memory of the lake fresh in my mind.

3..2..1 fountain blast off   paddle off into the sunset

So all in all, I guess my summary of my recent trip to southern France would be this: if someone wants to buy me some property there — nothing fancy, though if all you’ve got is fancy, then by all means — I would live there happily for the rest of my life. Eating pigeon and swimming in cartoonishly blue waters from dawn til dusk. Yes, I think that would do quite nicely.

this canal is perfect for tubing    from the deck yo



    • Kate Stull

      Absolutely! We didn’t know on Monday where we’d be taking off for on Tuesday, but I think we got pretty lucky. 🙂 Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area, if only for the lake alone, though the city is really cute too.

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