Yankee doodle.

hello good looking, what's your name?   you're right, i'll just go

Today Gabe is wearing a green t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

Today I am back in America! I made it home from France and I’m only a little bit sad not to be there anymore. It’s good to be home, moving freely about the space, getting reacquainted with things like doorknobs and faucets that always seem to be in a slightly different spot than where I expect when I reach for them.

As I move about the space, I’m sending a million thank you’s to Past Kate who cleaned the house so thoroughly before she left, so that Present Kate can live in a luxurious non-smelly environment today.

Despite being hideously jet-lagged yesterday (why yes I did watch Netflix all afternoon, willing myself to keep my eyes open until a reasonable bedtime, thank you for asking) I am bravely attempting to get back to work today. There’s a lot to do, and I’m feeling alternately overwhelmed and inspired by it all.

The amount of content I’ve produced in the last few weeks is kind of nuts. It’s felt really mechanical at times, which doesn’t feel so good, but other times it has been a real blast.

For the last few days, we have had a friend copyediting a bunch of the stuff I’ve done, and it’s been really fun to see the work through someone else’s eyes and to get to read it all over again myself.

It’s still kind of incredible to me that I happened into an assistant job one year ago that turned into not just a writing job, but one where I’m even allowed to be funny sometimes, and that sometimes the things I write actually *are* funny.

While incorporating notes from our editor this afternoon, I re-read one of the pieces I wrote over a month ago, and parts of it still made me laugh out loud. And it was clear from the editor’s notes for this piece — as opposed to his notes for more recent ones I had written — that he was having more fun reading it too.

And it was so fun! To remember how much fun I had writing that, and how it made me laugh then, and how much I knew a reader would enjoy reading it too.

Recently, I have been so involved in just “getting things done” for deadlines, that I think I have forgotten to have fun in the process. I’ve been productive, yes, but I’ve lost a lot of the whimsy that made my earlier stuff so much more fun.

And while I get really sick of people saying you shouldn’t go to work unless it’s fun and there’s no reason to do a job except for extreme passion (which I don’t think is true), it is true that there is a lot of fun to be had when you’re doing a job that you really really like (maybe even love). But you also have to work hard for it to be fun in the face of deadlines and productivity goals, and you have to remember that having fun sometimes actually makes you better at your job, which is just as good if not better than being really productive.

So gosh, I guess that’s what I think about work today.

And even as I type this, in comes creeping that sneaky jet lag. Hmm..is 5pm too early to go to bed today?



  1. deshantm

    I think it is true what you wrote about sometimes working hard and accomplishing something even if on a deadline or through some challenge can still be fun or make you feel good (perhaps if only after the fact).

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