Woolly mammoth.

today is ohhh how you say..   a terrific day!

Today Gabe is wearing red shorts, brown flip flops, and a white towel.

Gabe’s outfit today speaks for itself, no? He is a fashion icon, after all, whether he’s wearing actual clothes or just something kind of similar to actual clothes in that it is made out of cloth and he put it on his body. And in case you were wondering, that black strap is a fanny pack slung rakishly around his shoulders, because hello, Gabe is a fashion icon.

Period, end of blog post.

You guys, I’m just kidding! I have other things to say today too.

Like that I’ve been watching The Walking Dead and I’ve spent the last three days feeling fully spooked. I don’t normally go for scary stuff — I get the urge to watch a horror movie maybe twice a year, and usually by about 20 minutes in, I already regret it — but I have enjoyed the acting and the story on The Walking Dead so much that I’ve been putting up with how 100% scared it has been making me all the time.

Luckily, there are only two (short!) seasons on Netflix, so at least the terror will come to an end relatively quickly for me.

Also, I went to an art store a not-so-short walk from my house today. It was good to get the exercise, and really fun to be surrounded by art supplies again. I was an art major in college, but never aspired to be an artist or even to do art in my free time, so I haven’t spent much time milling around tubes of paint and racks of canvasses lately.

I just loved being an art major in college. But I’ve been looking recently for more productive, fulfilling ways to spend my free time, and my dad suggested that projects with a distinct start and end, and ones where you end up with a permanent, finished product are often the most rewarding.

Agreed, Dad.

So I walked to the art store and bought a few canvasses, some brushes, and some tubes of acrylic paint. (By the way, thank you again, parents, for allowing me to go to college and be an art major because holy god are art supplies expensive.) When I was in college, I went through a huge painting phase — it was actually a painting professor who first gave me the idea I might make a better art major than English major — so I am excited to get back to it.

My favorite things that I ever painted in college were abstracts, but this time I think I’m going to go more figural. I think I have less crazy creative energy that needs to be let out in mounds and piles of neon yellow acrylic paint on a 4-foot-tall canvas, and I’m more in the mood to do some focused, reflective work.

I think I’m going to paint a sheep.



  1. draliman

    I love The Walking Dead – I’ve even become used to Andrew Lincoln (the lead actor) putting on an American accent. I often wonder, can Americans tell that people like Andrew Lincoln and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica) are English or are their accents good enough to fool you?
    I couldn’t believe how gory that programme is, though.

    Again, I like your “Gabe picture titles” (and the pictures themselves as well of course). I can almost hear the French accent!

  2. Kate Stull

    He fooled me! I recognized him from Love Actually, but assumed he must be American because his cowboy accent is so convincing… And yeah, The Walking Dead is waaayy more gory than I usually like, but I’m pretty into the show in spite of it. 🙂

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