Conga line.

it's me i'm mister manager   nah just kidding let's party!

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a grey t-shirt, green shorts, and brown flip flops.

Well, today I tried to take a multivitamin but instead of improving my health through preventative medicine, I accidentally choked on it. So that should set some kind of baseline understanding for you of the kind of week I’m having.

I’ve been feeling weirdly emotional about my work this week. I had a hard time identifying what I was feeling at any given moment, but you see, the great thing about working from home is that when you cry at your desk, nobody knows it. You just get to be alone with your crazy thoughts, which maybe now that I’m typing it out is not so great after all.

But luckily I have some pretty awesome support systems, who let me talk out my feelings and help me put them into words even when I can’t articulate them myself.

Meanwhile, on the very same days where I’ve been staring thoughtfully out a window considering my life and my future, I’ve also been having some really great fun times.

I got head shots done this week! Real, professional, I’m-a-grown-up-take-me-seriously style photos that I am really excited about. I was pretty terrified at the prospect of getting my picture taken because (as has been mentioned before), I am simply the worst in front of the camera.

So not only was the prospect of getting my picture taken terrifying enough, but then the photographer suggested a location that was essentially a major intersection in my neighborhood. So like, people were definitely going to see me posing like a Frankenstein in front of my entire community, and they were definitely going to think hilarious mean things about me.

But it turned out to be a pretty fun, simple, easy process. The photographer was very calm, and I think that made me very calm, and it turned out that I just kind of forgot other people were around. I saw them, but I didn’t really notice them. It also turns out that when your photographer has a really nice camera and really good photography skills, your Frankenstein-looking quotient goes *way* down.

(And credit should also go to Clare, who sent me a link on looking good in photos after a post I did a few months ago, which I remembered and studied furiously before the session, and I think helped make me feel like I had some control over what was going on too.)

Anyways, I’m really excited to see the finished product, and to debut my dumb face all over the Internet just as soon as possible.

So that was a big positive this week. Other big ups: I had conveyer belt sushi for the first time, I wrote a really good blog post for the popforms blog (going up this Thursday), and I’ve been eating challah with jam for breakfast every morning and it is so god damn delicious.

But then on the flipside, I finished Season 3 of The Walking Dead and I just hated it. UGH. So that’s another thing. Everything is great and terrible, all at the same time.



  1. draliman

    Oh no! I haven’t seen Walking Dead season 3 yet – maybe they’ve taken it too far?
    I also hate having my photo taken. I always try to “casually turn away” though I guess maybe with a professional photographer it’ s easier. I guess Gabe has no such issues about being in front of the camera lens!
    I’m glad you have people around who can help when you’re feeling down – it’s important especially when working at home, otherwise you can end up feeling isolated I guess.

    • Kate Stull

      Gabe loves the camera (and the camera loves Gabe, obvs). And don’t let my review turn you off Season 3 — the first half is still great, but the ending felt…just not as good. Still exciting, but less complicated and smart than the rest of it had been. Sigh.

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