Face mash.

interesting body shapezz untitled installation   interesting body shapezz untitled installation part deux that's french!

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, a grey t-shirt, khaki pants, and his outdoor slippers.

You guys, the last few days have been a little bit nuts. We launched a product on the popforms website — they’re leadership sparks! At the moment my brain is too tired to remember if I’ve ever posted about them on this blog before, but in case I haven’t:

popforms sparks are email-based courses designed to make you happier, smarter, and better at your job.

And I helped create them – yay! If you want to sign up for one, please feel free to do so. It would be wonderful (and hopefully enjoyable for you also!).

But the point I’m trying to make is not about signing up for sparks.

The point I’m trying to make today is this: when you launch a product, especially early on, it’s really important to hear what your earliest customers think about it. They’re the ones who will tell you what terrible idea you included that you should really get rid of before your audience grows any bigger, and they’re the ones who will give you brilliant ideas for things to add that will make you millions of dollars one day.

So feedback is awesome. And tiring. And exciting! And tiring.

Some of it can be really hard to read, either because it’s about how you didn’t do a great job on something, or because you realize you may have to completely restart something you already spent soo many hours creating.

And some of it is nice to read. It’s nice to know you’re helping people, or at least that something you created fulfilled a need for them or made that them smile.

But as someone who has spent the last several weeks living like a hermit, attached to a computer, only writing all day every day — all this human interaction and feedback has been like a blast of cold air to the face.

Refreshing! And jarring.

But exciting and interesting too. Worth working into the night for, and worth striving to do better work for. It gives the whole creative process a back-and-forth that has been sorely missing from my world for weeks, and oh brother. It’s pretty okay.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Hmm let’s see what else. Well I had French toast for dinner tonight (hi mom and dad!) and I had lunch on the roof of a downtown building with two of my best friends today. Then we gossiped in a conference room and talked about our 4-year plans.

All in all, I guess things are going pretty well.

surveying my land      my land has sooo many buildings on it!



  1. draliman

    Our company is always careful to email around all the positive feedback from our customers – as I work in IT all I ever see are things which have gone horribly wrong 😦
    I’ve got to get me some “outdoor slippers” just like Gabe. Cool.

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