Wind fall.

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Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a grey t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

You guys, the weather is terrible. Is this the case anywhere else, or is it just Seattle? It has been raining all day long, even when I accidentally parked too far away from the bakery this afternoon, forcing my poor umbrellaless Gabe to walk two long blocks while getting drenched, all for the sake of a little brioche.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent indoors — me working, him watching baseball — with a few indoor games thrown in between for thrills.

Last year Gabe bought himself the best present he’s ever bought himself, which is a remote control helicopter. Oh, how it has terrorized the skies of our apartment. It buzzes loudly as it flies, in a way that tells you, “If I were to become sentient one day, I would attack you. Yes, you. When you least expect it.”

Gabe is really good at flying it, and I am really good at making it shoot violently into the air, crash into the ceiling, and then plummet into the ground.

This year my parents sent us some battery-powered toy guns that shoot soft foam discs, that I originally received on what was perhaps the most raucous Christmas the Stull household has ever seen when I was maybe 10 years old. My dad and I spent basically the entire rest of that December 25th jumping out from behind couches and corners, pummeling each other with foam discs. Did I mention they also make really loud laser gun noises when you pull the trigger?

So anyways, my parents were cleaning out the attic this winter and decided these toys might make the perfect addition to Gabe’s arsenal of fun in our house.

By now, history has taught me that almost every person who crosses the threshold of our home will shoot or be shot by these laser guns. They’re inescapably fun, and the fact that there are two of them means things can escalate really quickly.

So we have had these two great toys, living together-but-separately under one roof for over six months now.

But today, on this rainy, cold, have-to-stay-indoors July day, history was made. These two amazing toys came together for the first time. And they came together in a game where — yes, you guessed it — one person attempts to fly the helicopter while the other person attempts to shoot it out of the sky with a laser gun.

These toys met this afternoon in perfect harmony, and in one perfect moment, became the ultimate indoor rainy day game. And it was just as much fun as you’d imagine.

Before and after witnessing the most perfect indoor game experience ever to have happened (is that overstating it?) I worked on lots of popforms stuff after a very busy week. I wrote a blog post! It’s about my ongoing quest to be bolder and more courageous, which is slowly but surely working, and which I hope can be helpful for other people who need a little push to do that *thing* they’ve always wanted to do. Or even just decide to pick a thing they want to do.

Naturally, this post is not for Gabe, who never hesitated for a moment in proposing or executing the most perfect indoor game by combining two of the most perfect indoor toys. But then, maybe that’s why Gabe and I go so well together.

When I hesitate, and start thinking of the reasons it would be better not to try, Gabe is already launching his helicopter into the air and cheering someone — anyone — on to shoot a laser gun at it.



  1. draliman

    Oh wow. as I was reading this the theme to “Airwolf” was playing in my mind as I imagined Gabe grinning manically as he swerved the helicopter through the air, with foam disks flying to the left and right.

    “Dom, give me turbos!” (this quote won’t make sense if you never watched Airwolf 🙂 )

      • draliman

        It was a US series from the mid 80s about a top secret high-tech helicopter. Sort of the helicopter version of Knight Rider and one of my childhood TV staples 🙂

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