Sun set.

sorry man, you're not on the list   this is a private party!

Today Gabe is wearing a grey t-shirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

Did anyone else notice Gabe is wearing a brand new t-shirt? It must be because he is *so* excited about the nice weather in Seattle this weekend!

After a day of very depressing rain — which yes, did result in an epic indoor game eventually — the weather gods have smiled down on everyone’s favorite beach baby and he has been spending every waking second in the bright sunshine outdoors since Saturday morning. Even last night around 9pm, he was running off to play baseball with friends and catch the very last bit of daylight before it was gone.

This sunshine passion has taken many forms, including but not limited to: eating meals outside, playing cards outside, reading newspapers outside, and making fancy French cocktails inside and then immediately bringing them outside to drink.

It’s been pretty fun. Al fresco, no?

Besides walking around the house wondering where my boyfriend is (answer: outside), I spent this weekend sometimes working and mostly trying not to work. It was odd.

For several months, I not-so-intentionally put myself on a schedule where instead of taking days off, I would just work a few hours each day to get everything I needed done. This meant working maybe 5 hours in the morning, and then having the rest of the day for Kate time (which is important time).

Then, in France, I really wanted to have full days off to explore and go on day trips, so I started working 8-10 hour days so I could take longer periods of time off. And it was kind of the best!

So now that I’m back home, I’ve been trying to take a weekend every week (even if it happens to fall on a Tuesday-Wednesday, and not a Saturday-Sunday). But old habits are hard to break, and I sometimes find myself passively working on days I’ve meant to take off.

And that’s the worst!

Because if you’re going to work, you should be working full-on. And if you’re going to *not* work, you should absolutely not be engaged with work stuff (including checking email all day because, hello) (this is a reminder to me as much as anyone else).

But this weekend I kept finding myself, in an idle moment, slowly starting to work on a low-level task that would suddenly turn into an hour of not-that-focused work time.

Luckily, I mostly pulled myself out of it once I noticed, but it really is easy to just “start working” when your job is on the Internet and your office is your house. There’s no good reason not to, most of the time (no good reason besides, obviously, your mental health, but who is thinking of that when they “just check email really quick”?) so it’s so easy to just kind of…work. Even when you don’t mean to or want to.

I suppose it will take a while to break this “work every day” habit. And that’s okay. Right?

It helps to have someone who is constantly begging you to join them outside for lunch, dinner, card games, newspaper-reading, drink-sipping. And since the sun will only be around for 6 more weeks or so, it’s in my best interest to listen. There will be plenty of time to work every day when it’s raining again.



  1. deshantm

    Another good reminder from the buffer blog:
    “Zero notifications: One of the best ideas I’ve ever had was to follow Joel’s advice on Zero Notifications. Having absolutely no counter on my phone or computer changing from 0 to 1 and always breaking my focus has been a huge help. If you haven’t tried this yet, try to turn off every digital element that could become an alert.” –

    • Kate Stull

      The Buffer blog is pretty amazing, isn’t it? Great tip. I hate notifications anyways, so I always have them turned off, but even just peeking at that bright iPhone screen can definitely pull your attention away if you aren’t careful.

  2. draliman

    It must be really hard when you work from home. I don’t think I’d have the discipline for it.

    Love the titles on today’s Gabe photos. Like he’s growling at someone who isn’t invited and then shoving it in their face with the classic “private party ha ha it’s amazing but you can’t come in so shove off” pose.

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