Wiggle room.

i'm only happy when it rains   oh wait no i hate it!

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

Today Gabe feels sad because Seattle weather is so unpredictable. A day of hot sun followed by a day of warm rain followed by a morning of fog that burns off to reveal another afternoon of blistering heat.

And yes, by blistering I do mean like 78 degrees. It’s the Pacific Northwest, okay?

I used to love a hot summer. Well, I still do. But I’ve lost the “Oh it’s 95 degrees at 10am with 100% humidity? So what?” attitude that I had developed from growing up as a child in the midwest. Now I am a Pacific Northwest weather baby, and I only feel a little bit bad about it.

Now I tend not to know exactly what to do when the temperature rises above 70 degrees. Open all the windows? Okay. Put on shorts? Yes, we can do that. Drive my car? No no no! Do you know how hot it gets in there??

It’s like I am constantly rediscovering how to live my life when the sun comes out.

But I do like it when it’s hot. So does Gabe. In fact we both love the sun so much that we’ve been having a summer tan competition for basically every year since we first met (for anyone keeping track, that is like 7 years).

Unfortunately, I have had to quietly bow out of the competition for fear of skin cancer, aging, wrinkles, etc, though Gabe will tell you it’s because he won so often that it was just demoralizing for me to continue. This is 100% false. I look forward to rubbing this in his face a few decades from now when I still have beautiful soft skin and he is all wrinkly.

Though I imagine he’ll still look great, tanned wrinkles and all.

Anyways, you guys, something *great* happened today. I got my first ever business cards in the mail!

I ordered them last week after I realized that I am going to two-count-em-two networking events this week and still had somehow not managed to order any, even though I’ve been thinking about it since oh let’s say October, and get asked for a business card on a semi-regular basis.

I am very excited at the prospect of being able to say “oh sure, here you go” like a normal person when someone asks for one now (instead of “ha ha! hmm. wellllll, that would be a little tricky.”), and also very excited that business cards are tax-deductible, so really this is a huge day.

In celebration, I’m going to do some evening shopping for blouses and other grownup clothes to wear to said events, since I haven’t been shopping in — honestly — about 2 years, and things are getting pretty dire, nice-clothes-wise. I recently came into a huge supply of things from a friend who moved and emptied her closet (oh and her closet was full of J. Crew and she is my size, so that was a pretty huge day too) but I haven’t gotten anything *nice* for myself in a long time.

It’s a day of special treats!

But before that I have to get back to work. Did you know being one half of a 2-person startup is a lot of work? Nobody told me.



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