Mountain goat.

i'm burping in this picture!   but no one is the wiser...

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, red shorts, and brown flip flops.

My stomach is rumbling this morning. I woke up to an email from a friend asking if I’d like to get lunch with him today, then listing five or six delicious possibilities, and that pretty much sealed my fate for feeling hungry all morning.

Gabe has been in Portland for the last couple of days, so I’ve been waking up late, sprawled across the middle of the bed, and starting my day by leisurely checking emails from bed and planning my day with my eyes closed, blankets pulled up all around my head.

I know from experience that working from bed is an all-around bad idea, but on mornings where I wake up with the bed to myself, it’s hard to be convinced to get up at any point before 10am. It’s just too good.

So here’s some news: Gabe and I are moving to California!

Where, we don’t know yet. Which is kind of fun! This whole decision-making process about what comes next after Seattle has been a good practice for me in being patient. I like to make fast decisions, but Gabe likes to let ideas stew and come together over a period of months or years.

Which used to drive me crazy, but now I am learning to be patient. And I’m learning that when I’m patient, things work out better for both of us. Did you know relationships are about compromise?

So that’s how Gabe came up with our brilliant new plan for Kate & Gabe 2014. Later this year, it’s been decided, we are going to take a road trip down the California coast and decide where we are going next. Then in January or so, we’ll move there! Fun!

We lived in San Francisco before, and while we have lots of friends there, I’m not sure either one of us can afford to live there anymore (at least, without being crammed into a 4 bedroom flat with 9 people like we were before). So maybe Santa Cruz? Or Los Angeles? Or maybe there will be a surprise winner like Santa Barbara or La Jolla. It’s going to be fun. It’s fun not knowing yet.

So this morning as I am unsuccessfully willing myself to get out of bed, my thoughts are drifting to California and road trips and camping and driving food.

Is it any closer to lunchtime? My stomach is rumbling.



  1. draliman

    I’m guessing the weather will be better there!
    You’ll need to learn how to work out on the beach and roller skate. Or am I watching the wrong sort of American TV?

    • Kate Stull

      Let’s hope the weather is better! Gabe and I are sick of winter. 🙂 And yes to both beach workouts and roller skating! Not that everyone is California does them, but I am definitely going to try to incorporate both. (Unless we land in San Francisco, in which case it will mostly be too foggy and cold to do such fun things most days…)

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