At sea.

look at that could be doing something better.   yes this is it!

Today Gabe is wearing a brown t-shirt, purple shorts, and brown flip flops.

Tomorrow Gabe will be wearing fur boots, a fur hat, a scruffy beard, and some kind of bow and arrow slung over his shoulder. This is what people wear camping, right?

Maybe he’ll just wear red shorts and a brown sweatshirt. Listen, I’m not an expert. I am leaving to go camping in about 3 hours, and only just realized I have to pack smart clothes for this trip, ie. everything from a bathing suit to wool socks, because when you sleep outside you don’t have a dresser full of your favorite items to put on or take off as temperature requires. And also, the temperature tends to fluctuate outside.

But it’s going to be great. I’m sure I’ll forget something crucial, and I’ll be left staring at the two bottles of sparkling water I managed to bring, wondering how I forgot a can opener/towel/toothbrush/breakfast food.

But it will be fine, because humans have lived in the woods longer than two days without their toothbrush and have lived to tell the tale. They’ve even had fun doing it.

I am actually really excited to go camping. I have been trying to be more fun in an outdoorsy way recently. Yesterday, Gabe and I went out on inner tubes into the Puget Sound, and floated out to a buoy, tied up, and enjoyed some sunshine while bobbing up and down on the waves from faraway ferries.

Normally, this kind of thing terrifies me — but it’s important to face your fears from time to time, because usually there’s a fun day at sea (or wherever) on the other side of your fear.

In my case, it was a Puget Sound full of seals, that I saw so.close.up, who were roughhousing and wrestling just a few feet away from where I slowly paddled along. I love animals, and I love seals especially. Cute and fun, plain and simple.

So that was great. And camping will be great.

We are going to be by a lake, and we’re going to make s’mores and barbecue, and we’re going to play baseball (or at least, catch), because hello, Gabe is coming and obviously if he is outdoors he needs to be playing baseball at some point.

I’m excited to get away from the Internet a bit as well. I normally work every single day, at least for a couple of hours, so unplugging will be *very strange* and *very refreshing*. No tweets, no blog posts, no emails, no halfhearted attempts at creativity when you know you should just get off the computer but you feel like you just have to finish this one last thing.

So gosh, you guys, I guess this is goodbye. I’ll be back next week, proudly sporting photos of Gabe in his fur-trapper uniform or whatever it is he ends up wearing, and maybe a photo of me bravely gathering wood or putting up a tent all by myself.

It’s going to be weird and fun. Weird fun, the best kind.



  1. Don Royster

    Think you’ve got a winner with this blog. I would say you have an extremely bright future as a fashion blogger and very possibly fashion photography. Just one bloggers opinion. But you never know. Could happen.

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