Be safe.

i love the sea!   wait this isn't the ocean? i am out of here.

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

This weekend, I went on a camping trip to celebrate a “bachel” which is a combination bachelorette and bachelor party where you and your future bride/groom invite all of your friends to a beautiful group campsite on a river in central Washington and have a great time for three days, swimming and playing lawn games.

On this trip, we saw lots of old friends from college, including one who on Saturday night, looked over at Gabe across a campfire, and noted that the outfit he was wearing at the time — the outfit pictured above — was also the same outfit he was wearing the first time they met.

Ten years ago.

Okay, probably more like eight, but still.

The pants are (most likely) different (versions of the same) pants, but the sweatshirt is definitely the same. And so is the hair, but not the moustache.

The thing about Gabe is, he knows a good look when he sees it, and he happens to have seen the best look he was ever going to see about 10 years ago, so why change? Some people can commit, and some people can’t. Gabe can.

Today I am hopping on an airplane to go home for a week, and I am very excited. Things have been running at *high* for a few weeks, and I am really looking forward to pumping the breaks and relaxing a little bit. Take some walks, maybe a bike ride, visit a museum…

Even though I am a bit of a nervous flyer, I always look forward to travel days. I kind of like being in airports; they always remind me of looking forward to things.

In fact, it is time for me to begin the slow transition of stuff from piles *around* my backpack, to their correct spots *inside* my backpack, so that I can make it to the bus in a non-sprinting, non-sweating manner. I find that the bus driver and my fellow passengers tend to really appreciate that.



  1. brett79

    That’s a great sweatshirt. I love airports and spent a great deal of time in them last week (Indianapolis, DC, Orlando & Newark). It was nice to listen to music, do a little people watching and a lot of writing.

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