Tea cup.

gabe on.   gabe off.

Today Gabe is wearing a brown t-shirt, khaki pants, and his outdoor slippers.

Yesterday, I touched down in Seattle at 11am and looked out the airplane window at the pouring rain splashing down on the tarmac. I wondered why I bothered to come back.

The day before, in Peoria, Illinois, it had been 80 degrees. The day before I had been watching Jurassic Park with my dad. The day before I had been sipping a latte in an alarmingly hip coffee shop downtown, in a city that hasn’t had anything close to hip in it since…ever.

So why did I come back to Seattle, land of rain and cold? I am not sure.

But luckily, it’s sort of registered with me recently that I don’t have to be here at all, if I don’t want to be. I have a job where I work from home, and my cofounder Kate recently made the remark that I could work from Bali if I wanted to.

So…why am I not taking advantage of this?

Well, money, for one thing. I recently wrote a post for popforms about why I work a job where I get paid less than I am worth, so part of the trade-off for getting to work a job I love is that I get paid less than is necessary for jetting off to wherever I feel like whenever I feel like.

But besides that, there’s not really a good reason for not doing some traveling right now. Gabe and I are still planning on moving this year, though recently I’ve been making a push for — not California, as was previously mentioned — but FRANCE, because why not?

Gabe is French, I speak French, I can work from anywhere, so…this is self-evident, no?

Plus I think it would be great for the blog, since if Gabe were a resident of France, I think he would be required by law to start wearing a lot of horizontal stripes and tight black pants. And now that this blog has been live for almost a year, it’s really about time to shake things up, don’t you think?

Today Gabe is wearing a beret, a mime’s costume, and two baguettes as shoes.

So anyways, this blog might start coming to you live and direct from a few random places around the Pacific Northwest, since I am bound by finances to stick close to home, but am not bound to stay exactly at home.

It’s exciting! I love possibilities.

Oh and one more thing I love:

the best



  1. Don Royster

    Why choose? I voter teddy puppy. Is Gabe going to be happy living in a place where he is legislated to wear a certain ensemble? Maybe you should start a movement. Call it Gabe Is Coming. Distribute bumper stickers to the Parisians. Send up balloons in Marseilles. Send posters to Provence. Then when you and Gabe arrive, the paparazzi will be waiting. And Gabe will be the fashion trendsetter he was always meant to be.

  2. bensbitterblog

    So now California isn’t a slam dunk? France huh? What a great thing to think about? By the way, my mom is from Peoria. I have been there several times. Pretty unhip city like you said.

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