Taco truck.

do you like my outfit today?   well DO you?

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a brown t-shirt, khaki pants, and his outdoor slippers.

I meant to write this blog post yesterday from Walla Walla, where I spent the last three days, but unfortunately those three days were spent being unbelievably unproductive, despite spending almost a full 10-hour day at my former college library staring at the computer screen, willing myself to write something, anything, for my latest work project, and accomplishing basically nothing.

So that’s where I’m at, writing-wise.

But it was nice to get out on the road. I hadn’t been back to Walla Walla since I graduated college several years ago, and it was exciting to finally make the trip back. I left early in the morning when it was still dark, and was sipping a latte in The Patisserie by 11am, feeling weirdly out of place in a tiny town that used to feel like home.

I walked past my old houses, and the art building where I did my thesis, and spent an aforementioned 10 hour day trying to do work in the school library. All in all it was not an eventful trip, but it was a good one.

I also had a great lunch with a friend I wish lived closer because it was so great to talk to him for an hour. We ate soup and talked about management, which is absolutely not something I thought I would enjoy in my life but oops here we are. We did talk about other things too, because we are not total squares.

Now I am back in Seattle where it’s cold, meaning it is heated mattress pad season again, which means getting up in the morning just got about a million times harder. Luckily I have a job where no one will ever know that I wore a sweatsuit all day today, so I guess it’s not that bad.

Working from home is a gift and a curse. A warm bed/office gift, a sweatsuit curse.



  1. Don Royster

    Nobody used to know that you wore a sweatsuit all day. Now the world knows. The comforting thing is that Mr. Gabe looks so happy in his ensemble. As far as the writing goes, haven’t you heard that we writers will do anything to get out of writing. The laundry, the dishes, the lawn, that paint job we’ve been putting off. We’ll even talk to the neighbors. I must say I have read this blog two, three times and I just can’t figure out the Taco Truck in the title.

    • Kate Stull

      Taco Truck is a little nod to Walla Walla — there is a taco truck called La Monarcha that makes unbelievably good burritos with Walla Walla sweet onions, so it was one of my first stops when I got into town. 🙂 And yeah, I definitely feel like a writer cliche these days. Suddenly my chores seem so appealing all the time…

  2. Karen

    I assume you’re talking about Whitman…I went there too! Although I graduated more than just a few years ago, and Walla Walla has changed a ton since I was there. I keep thinking it might be nice to go back for a visit. I’m glad you had a nice time, even if it wasn’t productive.

    • Kate Stull

      Oh wow! Whitties seem to pop up everywhere I go…we are everywhere. And Walla Walla has changed some, but it’s still very small and very cute — both good things. 🙂

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