Back scratch.

you have a sore throat? i'm so sorry!   siiiiiiigh. you are so brave!

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

Today I have a sore throat and no desire to get out of bed. So I guess I won’t?

This is the curse of working from home, though. I feel sick and want to stay in bed, yet I know I can absolutely do my job while fully reclined and lying in the dark so…why not work while also taking a sick day? Bad idea, that feels like a good idea.

It doesn’t help that I spent the last week in California with Gabe, and am now behind on basically everything.

So this is my big conflict today. I have a big project to undertake — well, not big, but new — in learning Adwords, which is a new thing popforms is doing to experiment with selling our sparks. It’s something I know I need to learn how to use, and I have been looking forward to getting home from our trip so I could actually start. But now I am sick. Sigh. I guess I just want everyone to feel really sorry for me.

But California was great. We got to spend time in the middle of nowhere in Humboldt County, which is beautiful and foresty and beachy and also very foggy.

humboldt fog  patricks point

We also got to spend time with a cat named Romeo, who is cute and fat and super cuddly.

romeo outside  romeo inside

We spent a lot of time on the couch watching action movies and petting Romeo, but also took walks/hikes through the forest and down to the beach every day. The best and worst part of dating someone who grew up in Humboldt country is that he knows all the secret, overgrown, perilous trails that lead to the best rocks overlooking the ocean. It is terrifying and amazing.

And now I am going to curl up in bed and drink some water and try to read about Adwords until I absolutely cannot, and then maybe I’ll watch a movie. Sorry for how this is the saddest blog post ever written.



  1. Don Royster

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Uncle Bardie’s remedy is lots and lots of vitamin C, hot tea, chicken soup, vicks vapor rub and a big hug from Gabe. Oh, and I’m so happy Gabe is back with us. Tell him that he was missed.

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