Clear eyes.

who dat   oh it's me gabe!

Today Gabe is wearing a blue sweatshirt, a teal jacket, khaki pants, and brown boots.

You guys, things have been going just great ever since I stopped being sick. (Yes, I did it! Sweaty no more. It’s really incredible how brave and perseverant I was.) I got a haircut – featured here with a super cute dog named Gizmo – and I even left my house a couple of times to see friends and do work things (though let’s be honest, I never left the house that much in the first place, so this is all relative). Lots of exciting things are happening.

My dad is coming to visit (!!!!!) in a little over a week, and in preparing for his visit, I’ve uncovered a super handy writing pro tip that I just had to share. But let me back up.

When my dad is here, because Gabe and I are not real grownups and don’t have a guest room setup, my dad is going to sleep in my bed and I am going to take the futon in my office. Simple. Now here’s another layer of complexity:  he is a really early riser and will want to do some work while he’s here (he’s a writer too!) — so it would be ideal for him to get work done when he is up early, right?

One problem, though. The computer is in my office. Where my sleeping futon is!

However, I’ve been doing some really impressive problem solving on this. Since Gabe and I are moving down to Humboldt soon, I decided to go just a little bit crazy (I know) and move my entire desk setup into the living room (I know!). There are no rules! Desks in the living room! Can you believe it?

So anyways, now my desk and desktop computer are in the living room, behind a couch, approaching the kitchen. When my computer was in its old home, the office, I almost never visited it. I usually work at my laptop from various comfortable locations around the house, and mostly don’t use my desk or desktop at all.

But now that they are both living in the living room, I’ve been seeing them a lot more often and even sitting down to do a bit of work from time to time. And that’s how I learned this pro tip.

To back up again one more time — the thing about my living room is that it is usually ice cold. Our heater system goes by room, which means I can leave the heat totally off in a room if I don’t expect to be there much, which is how my living room is most days, to keep energy costs low and just be super eco-friendly.

What this means, though, is when I sit down at the living room computer station on a whim and, say, try to write a blog post or a new spark, my hands are chilled within minutes. My feet are cold, my head is cold; I am uncomfortable.

But then I tell myself: “you can go back in your room where the heat is on as soon as you are done with this assignment.”

And you guys, I’ve never worked faster.

So anyways that’s my pro tip. Move your desk to a hostile environment and watch yourself react with speed and purpose. Then run, reheat somewhere pleasant, and repeat. Working at home is so glamorous!



  1. Don Royster

    Love those brown boots on Gabe. For me, there is no hostile environment when it comes to writing. I cannot not write. I know. Your teach said, “No double negatives.” Well, tell that to the French. I think they will disagree. I know that I do. So I’m going to use it. Anyway I am glad you’re not sick anymore. And you look mahrvelous, simply mahrvelous with the new do.

    • Kate Stull

      Lucky you! I have very particular “zones” I can write in (down to a particular set of tables at my local Starbucks, and a specific end of my living room couch), though I can usually pull it together in other locations when I have to. Thanks for the compliments on my hair! I think Gizmo is the one with a really great hairstyle in that picture, but mine is okay too. (His ears are so fluffy!)

  2. urbanpaleochef

    I work at a corporate desk. While my desk is, by definition, in a hostile environment, there isn’t really anywhere to run to if I complete the assignment I’m working on…

    • Kate Stull

      Yowza, that is a hostile environment! 🙂 Maybe you could try dragging your keyboard and mouse underneath your desk and forcing yourself to do all of your work while crouched — then coming back up the normal desk level every once in a while will be a special treat. Though your coworkers might start to talk…

  3. Heartafire

    I too bring my lap top to the living room, though I share an office …that’s the key word…share (gag). I want to express my delight on Gabe’s look tonight. The boots are super sexy and bring it all together. s’wonderful.

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