Can’t lose.

I know, can you believe it??   This giant flower tells the best gossip.

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

ALERT: What a highly unusual outfit! Have we ever seen jeans on this blog before? I’m not sure we have.

Maybe it’s appropriate, though, since we are having a highly unusual week. On Saturday, my dad flew into town and we have spent the last 5 days hanging out and touristing all over Seattle. We ran around downtown on a sunny, brisk Sunday, toured Capitol Hill and saw mammoths at the Burke Museum on a misty Tuesday, and toured the Theo’s chocolate factory yesterday. We had to wear hairnets on the tour, and afterwards I faced one of my greatest fears: the Fremont troll.


hello seattle   dad loves seattle

formerly woolly   hairnet shame

a world of pure imagination   not so scary

In between fun events, we have both been working a bit as well, and watching Season 2 of The Killing — we watched Season 1 the last time I was visiting home.

It’s really fun to be a tourist in your own town, and walk around with the leisure of someone who doesn’t have a to-do list or who has to make each trip out of the house as efficient as possible. You can slow down. You can go get a latte just for an excuse to look out at the Puget Sound.

Now that his trip is over, it’s nearly time for me to wind down my time as a Seattle-ite. It’s kind of perfect that he came to visit when he did; getting to spend some time driving all over the city, showing off my favorite things, and enjoying the best parts of it — it is a great way to say goodbye.

Soon I will become a resident of Northern California, living away from the startup world and the traffic and the rainy days of Seattle. I am sad to leave — a lot of really good things have happened here — but really excited to go, too. Thanks to the Internet I get to keep my amazing job, and I can’t wait to explore my new home.

Meanwhile, I’ll be disappearing into a Redwood forest, maybe trying being a vegan (Gabe says no, but we’ll see), and learning about different kinds of local kale and organically-sourced granola. It’s exciting!

I’m driving down today to look at apartments. Then it’s back to town with Gabe to pack, and then we hit the road for good. My next post is likely to be my last Seattle-based post before I come to you LIVE AND DIRECT from somewhere in the rural hills of California. It’s about time to shake things up.



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