I’m out.

ohhh hey mannn you wanna buy a couch?   woooo party couch foreverrr!!

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, khakis, brown shoes, one grey sock, and one blue sock.

I woke up way too early for a holiday today, and had my usual thought, “Well, I guess I’ll just get up and go do some work in the living room.”

Only this time, when I got to the living room, there was nowhere for me to work. Well, the floor was still there. But everything else was gone.

We (and by we, I mean Gabe alone, like a champion, with a tiny bit of assistance from me but really this is all Gabe) have been selling all of our big furniture on Craigslist. Yesterday was a banner day; we got rid of a desk, a little couch, a table, four chairs, another chair, a futon frame, and a dresser. All that remains in the living room is one lonely ottoman.

The two big couches were moved outside yesterday as well, though their future owner flaked and so someone else will have to come get them this morning. Moving the couches was a moment I have been dreading ever since we first moved them in after walking by an estate sale over the summer and accidentally purchasing two enormous couches for $20 and cramming them over our front steps, under the upstairs apartment stairs, and through the front door, twisting, sweating, and swearing.

But we got them out, and my year-long stress dream about moving these couches finally came to an end. I hardly know what to do with myself anymore.

Today is Thanksgiving, and for the first time since we moved to Seattle, Gabe and I are not hosting. We are going over to a friend’s house, where two turkeys will be fried (luckily I don’t drink, so I can drive everyone to the hospital whenever the fryer explodes) and 4-5 families’ assorted members will be smooshed together for an afternoon of overeating.

This morning I am hoping to get some work done… I have a writer who works with me from time to time at Popforms, and I have been promising to get her feedback on her work for a really long time, and told her yesterday that I would absolutely have it done by the end of the day, and well, here we are and it’s already tomorrow and whoops. So today I will get it done for sure.

Unless I get sucked into packing again. Or looking at apartments online.

This is my last post from Seattle, and I feel excited. There is a lot I will miss, but there is more that I am looking forward to. Last week when I was in California, I knew for sure that it was where I wanted to be and that moving will be a great change. Now I just have to get through the next three days of packing and cleaning and driving, and soon it will happen.

Oh, and editing that writing work. Because I *have* to do that.

Today I am thankful for Starbucks, which provided me an early morning place to write my blog post and do my editing, with a warm beverage and a place to sit that wasn’t the floor.



  1. Don Royster

    Finally Gabe gets to sit down. All those pics standing up I was wondering if he ever got to rest. Now I have my answer. On Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great move.

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