Hippie dip.

here we find gabe in his natural environment.   take that nature!

Today Gabe is wearing a grey sweatshirt, outdoor slippers, and brand spanking new khaki pants.

Gabe’s khakis are so new, in fact, that he still has the stickers on them. He says he’s leaving them on to remind himself how new they are. That is crazy; I think he just forgot to take them off, and continues to forget to take them off.

BIG NEWS Y’ALL: I live in California now! I got to town almost a week ago, and spent a few restless night crashing on a pull-out bed at Gabe’s parents’ house while I tried to patch together housing, finally landing a beautiful apartment on the perimeter of a gosh darn Redwood forest with a wraparound deck and huge windows.

rough life   hello friend

It’s great! Well, except for the fact that I haven’t had internet since I moved in on Wednesday and I won’t have internet until Tuesday and it’s the worst.

The only way I’m able to do my job or connect with the outside world is to go to a coffee shop, which I do at least 2 times a day, which means I’m having way more caffeine than I am used to. I’m not sure I’m working smarter, but I am definitely working faster.

Anyways, my life these days is filled with a lot of staring at a box of items and trying to quickly assess what place I can put them in that I won’t immediately forget about. I’ve already lost a few key items that I’m sure I won’t see again until I move out.

Moving is so fun.



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