Plant sale.

eyebrows go up.   eyebrows at rest.

Today Gabe is wearing a tan fleece, a black t-shirt, a green jacket, khaki pants, and brown shoes.

Correction: today Gabe is wearing a white fleece. There has been some recent controversy over the color of this fleece — Gabe says it’s white, whereas I know that it is not.

Although maybe it’s better described as beige, not tan.

Today Gabe is wearing a beige fleece. I think.

This week I started looking at plane fares and AirBnb rates and noodling on the idea of going to France for a month (or more??) this summer. I hope to visit the chateau again (will the sheep be there again? I hope for this most of all), but this time I’m looking a bit wider too. This year I have the time, the money, and the stability to get a little bit more creative than I did last year, and I’m hoping to stretch my legs a bit, remote-working-wise.

I’m picturing myself, maybe somewhere in the south of France, in an adorable studio? Typing out blog posts while looking a window onto a sunny courtyard for a few weeks? Wearing skinny black pants and carrying a grocery bag with a baguette sticking out of the top?

This could be me. Scratch that — this will be me!

The question now is just about when and where I will go.



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