Smooth move.

gabetron powering down. just kidding you guys!

Today Gabe is wearing a brown sweatshirt, a green t-shirt, red shorts, white socks, and brown slippers.

Gabe is living the California dream; wearing shorts in the middle of January — and also wearing slippers that don’t even belong to him outdoors JUST BECAUSE HE CAN. It’s California baby! There are no rules. Absolutely none.

Well you guys, big news: I bought a blender. I know! I have been making smoothies and so far it is going just great. Did you know you can use a blender to not just make smoothies but also to make soup? What an invention!

In addition to blending whatever plant life I can find into delicious smooth beverages, I’ve also been working on a talk that I am giving February 1st in Seattle. It is my first ever talk, and I’m a little bit terrified but also I feel confident that it is going to go well. It’s on a topic that I write about and think about a lot for my job, and although I get a bit shaky at the idea of public speaking, I also know that I can totally do it.

I just finished up working on my slides. Here is one:

real talk

It makes it feel a lot more real, but also a lot more exciting. I feel like the ideas are all finally together, and now all I have to do is memorize these 6 pages I wrote and then say them out loud on a stage, while pretending that the room full of people looking at me is actually an empty room filled with, I don’t know, blendable fruits.

The talk is called, “Does the work you do matter?” and it’s all about making it easy for yourself to be really good at your job. That usually means knowing what the most important things to your business are and then picking tasks that align with those things (oh, and telling your boss what you are working on so they can help you do it even better).

It is a topic that I feel pretty strongly about, since I hate asking for anything (help, attention, resources) and used to think that was a virtue — that it made me smarter than other people never to need to ask for things. But actually was kind of holding me back, because I never knew which things I did were important and which ones were not. Or even really what “important” meant.

So anyways, before this turns into a Popforms blog post, let’s talk about something else.

Like the cat outside my door. Yes even as we speak the neighborhood cat who howls at my door is howling emotionlessly at my door, sitting in a sunny patch and seeming totally fine with how things are going.

The other day, I took a bold step: I opened up my sliding glass door and stuck my hand out. “Do you want a pet, neighborhood cat?” I asked, and gave it a rub on the chin.

It took a step back, then forward, and accepted another head pat. It seemed confused by what was happening.

Then it took a step back, regained clarity, looked me in the eye, and began its emotionless howl anew.

So basically what we’ve learned is that this cat is howling, I guess for the love of it? It doesn’t want anything. Its howl is its art?

That, or it’s a ghost that is haunting me and one day will deliver some sort of spooky message and then my blog posts will take a very cryptic but exciting turn. Ooh life is full of possibilities!

Meanwhile, I’ve also been spending time with the incomparable Romeo at Gabe’s parents’ house, and there is simply nothing better. Oh Romeo.

wherefore art thou kitty cat? busted hep cat.



  1. draliman

    “Gabetron” hee hee 🙂
    Good luck with your talk! I find the best idea is to just write reminders of what to say for each slide. That way it doesn’t come out sounding too memorised. And be sure to practise it in front of somebody else to get the timing right etc!
    Have fun with your blending activities.

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